#GenerationTechBrasov 2022

A lot has happened in 2022, a whirlwind of a year with lots of projects we started anew or continued to solidify with our trusted partners.

Generația Tech (#generationtech) upskilled no less that 1499 people in Brașov Metropolitan Area.
During 2021-2022, more than 1400 youngsters and adults from Brașov Metropolitan Area made their first step towards a future-proof career. The 2nd edition of this program meant a lot of work and achievements:
👉77.000 practical tasks solved by the participants
👉819 quests solved (projects, tests, quizzes)
👉448 online meetings with mentors
👉5 thematic competitions and 10 contests with awards for the explorers
👉8 coaching sessions with top explorers
👉58 working events, 14 offline and 44 online.
Our explorers can access freely the programs of #GenerationTech is made possible by our trusted partners:
📌 Bepco Romania

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