#GenerationTechBrasov and Pentalog

Vibes, the festival of 1000 IT and digital marketing future specialists, engagement, mentoring, live painting and other interactive activities, chill, music, lots of fun memories brought us many accomplishments. Together we celebrated with the youngest and most efervescent audience, keen on novelties, future, tech, community involvement. But we also shared with our trusted partners, thoughts for building the future of strong communities.

👉 Today we continue our series dedicated to #GenerationTech and the milestones we reached last year in Brasov. So there it is, another inspirational testimonial with Pentalog and Daniel Radu, Delivery Center Manager. We are bind by a similar vision to building the future, sustainability and 100% Positive Tech Impact until 2025.
Pentalog supported #GenerationTech from its first edition.
More about this in the start-up testimonial below. Enjoy!
Thanking our partners and local authorities for making this happen.
🌀 Agentia Metropolitana Brasov
🌀 Primăria Municipiului Braşov

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