The AI companion that wants you to succeed

in school

in career

in life

Your productivity soars when your mind is set on your goals.

Saro’s deep understanding of your objectives and habits will empower you to take control of your time, so you can reach the top of the mountain.

The success of education is about winning the battle for attention.

  • 9 in 10 students say they wish they had been more involved in the course they enrolled to (1)
  • 7 in 10 students are spending more time on social media than on doing homework (2)
  • 5 in 10 students have used ChatGPT or similar AI tools to cheat homework or tests (3)
  • 17x less invested in education engagement compared to gaming and social media industries (4) (5)

(1) internal study on 580+ students enrolled in Generatia Tech, (2) Gallup (3) BestColleges (4), (5)


Knows what makes you tick

Personalized interventions, based on your extremely specific needs. No general and mundane advice.

Present at all times

Online 24/7, always there for you to talk to via voice or messages, whether you need motivation or just want to chit-chat.

Proactively approaches you

Will not hesitate to reach out to you, especially when you are feeling down or deserve to be congratulated.

Pushes you gently

Help you reach your goals by pointing out when you are doing good or if you need to make a change, just like a real friend.

Connected to the world

Share articles, trends and opportunities, so you don’t miss the latest gossip in your industry or the funniest meme right now.

Saro in numbers

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higher action rate for Saro’s messages compared to classic email reminders

0 in 10

report that Saro’s interactions motivated them

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is how much students interacted with Saro on average

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of students approached recovered missing tasks in a week

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Use cases

For students

Closely tracks your progress and keeps you in touch with your objectives by reminding you of the grand reason behind your daily effort.

For students

Saro will give you recommendations, job opportunities, life advice and dad (or mom :D) jokes from time to time.
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For tutors

Gathers specific feedback about the motivation levels of your students so you know who needs help and who needs praise.

For tutors

Saro will help you structure your lectures and prioritize the exact topics to review and the exact students to council.
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For parents

Saro is the best influence your child can have, taking time away from procrastination and encouraging exploration and curiosity for knowledge.

For parents

Saro will make sure that they become the best version of themselves.
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