2022 was a busy, yet fruitful year for our organisation and extended team. We made sure each of our endeavours grew its horizons and tested the waters with several other ideas and collabs. As we are closing this year, we got to remember some of the milestones that will be another layer of (digital) bricks in the construction of our organisation and its business footprint. Let’s take a look together, now!

Generation Tech, the level up platform dedicated to IT & digital marketing skills for youth, expanded its presence in many areas, like Iasi, Suceava, Vrancea, while returning to Brasov and building yet another layer on the current community there.
Let’s recall a message from our partners in Vrancea 👉 bit.ly/3I8DMIL
IMM Online, our platform for SMBs stepping into the digital era took off in yet another successful year. We spoke to all small and medium businesses through an authentic, heart felt and smart communication campaign: Daring to build the future together.
Check the full collection of video stories here 👉 https://youtu.be/jyF_WyPdRZY
Work Retreat, our 100% Romanian solution for working and living, dedicated to hybrid and remote teams truly expanded into new territories.
Let’s recall a media conversation of #FOW 👉 bit.ly/3G1hW7n
Take a look at our behind the vision video story and let’s meet in 2023 👉 https://youtu.be/JjQarUuFHIg
Some relevant, creative media conversations along the year 👇
✅ Paul Apostol, founder DN @TVR: bit.ly/3CbFuFL
✅ Andi Cucu, Product Manager Generation Tech @TVR: bit.ly/3CarJH8
✅ Irina Deaconu, Product Manager Work Retreat and Roxana Marin, Creative Stategist Digital Nation for HR Talk: bit.ly/3Z08IRG
Thanking all our partners, collaborators and extended team for making this happen in such a diverse year. We are extremely excited for the year ahead and the plans we are currently building, especially in the digital education field.
Remember to stay tuned to the latest news from our team on our blog 👉bit.ly/3PZq9h6
See you in 2023!

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