Our founder Paul Apostol was one of the guest speakers at PwC Romania video conference dedicated to the economy of the future, the digital transformation of the administrations and PNRR funding.


Takeouts from our live contribution to the conference:
✅ PNNR funds and context bring a maturity of how we are doing things, especially in the SMBs sector where small and medium owners have the extraordinary opportunity to transform money in innovation. It is important to focus not only on financing, but also on how to know a market, create and scale products.
✅ We are currently experiencing 2 facets of the same country: the tech, advanced one and a less digitalised Romania which should not be left behind. We have now the context to reduce the gap between the two.
✅ We are trying to communicate as often and efficient as possible that digital competencies for the young people are mandatory for current and future jobs. We need to embark successfully on this global digital journey that lays ahead.