Meet the Mentors of Generation Tech (3)

Generation Tech (Generația Tech) is one of our most impactful learning platforms, up-skilling the new generation in many middle and small urban areas: Bucharest, Pitești, Alba, Oradea, Brașov, Focșani, Piatra Neamț, Iași, Suceava and so on. GT as we kindly call it is in its 4th year, cumulating no less than 1.700 new IT and digital marketing specialists in more than 20 cities.

And we’ve done all this thanks to a relentless team, whose Mentors are one of a kind, passionate professionals. As we are preparing for a new cycle of learning, we have decided to shed light on some of the most active Mentors in our community.
Our 3rd interview is with Cristiana Lucaci, Mentor Project Management. Enjoy and see you in Generation Tech! 👇👇
Tell us what is your role in Generation Tech.
“I am the Project Management track mentor, supporting explorers in developing their skills for the present and future.”
What does learning (or up-skilling) mean for you?
“I consider myself a life-long learner, which is why I strongly think everyone’s journey in growing with new skills and competences should never stop. One has something new to learn from every single experience in life.”
What makes the GT community stand out?
“GT community awakens the passion for learning in a different way. We encourage explorers to own their process and learning curve, while mentors, guide their experiences based on their objectives.”
Anything new you’re on to during the next months in GT?
“I am preparing some new learning experiences and topics to explore as part of the IT project management module. So stay tuned, take the first step in your journey and join us!”

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