Meet the Mentors of Generation Tech (2)

Generation Tech (Generația Tech) is one of our most impactful learning platforms, up-skilling the new generation in many middle and small urban areas: Bucharest, Pitești, Alba, Oradea, Brașov, Focșani, Piatra Neamț, Iași and so on. GT as we kindly call it is in its 4th year, cumulating no less than 1.700 new IT and digital marketing specialists in more than 20 cities.

And we’ve done all this thanks to a relentless team, whose Mentors are one of a kind, passionate professionals. As we are preparing for a new cycle of learning, we have decided to shed light on some of the most active Mentors in our community. Short interviews will follow during the upcoming week. Getting to know them before new sessions of learning can strengthen the bond and form a true Mentor-Mentee bond.
Our 2nd interview is with Dmitri Gorobîc, Mentor Web Development & Design. Enjoy and see you in Generația Tech! 👇👇
Tell us what is your role in Generation Tech.
“I am mentoring the web development and web design learning tracks.”
What does learning (or up-skilling) mean for you?
“Man should never stop learning. You can’t expect to learn something that stays forever relevant. We are continuously changing and so should our knowledge. And the best way to learn is to practice. Theory is good, but practice gets you going.”
What makes the GT community stand out?
“GT can be seen as a club of interests and curiosities with nice moderators. Here to learn new stuff but also new likeminded people. The GT team takes care that the entire community moves in the right direction.”
Anything new you’re on to during the next months in GT?
“I love to have fun times, so I apply this philosophy to my learning processes with the explorers. I am easily bored with the formal learning methods. I am always on the look out of fun activities to suggest during our weekly rush.”

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