Generation Tech (Generația Tech) is one of our most impactful learning platforms, up-skilling the new generation in many middle and small urban areas: Bucharest, Pitești, Alba, Oradea, Brașov, Focșani, Piatra Neamț, Iași and so on. GT as we kindly call it is in its 4th year, cumulating no less than 1.700 new IT and digital marketing specialists in more than 20 cities.

And we’ve done all this thanks to a relentless team, whose Mentors are one of a kind, passionate professionals. As we are preparing for a new cycle of learning, we have decided to shed light on some of the most active Mentors in our community. Short interviews will follow during the upcoming week. Getting to know them before new sessions of learning can strengthen the bond and form a true Mentor-Mentee bond.
Our 1st interview is with Dana Vasile, Mentor Digital Marketing. Enjoy and see you in Generația Tech! 👇👇
Tell us what is your role in Generation Tech.
“I am the Digital Marketing Mentor. In short, I share my passion and knowledge of digital marketing with the explorers who join this learning track.”
What does learning (or up-skilling) mean for you?
“A constant interest in what’s new in the field, keeping up with its updates, being prepared to learn new stuff and increase your performance.”
What makes the GT community stand out?
“We’ve built one of the most active and proactive communities from those I’ve known. I am very glad to see so much passion for digital marketing and a spectacular wish to get results and become a better professional.”
Anything new you’re on to during the next months in GT?
“A lot of surprises! More interactivity and engagement during rush sessions. An update for the curricula. So join us!”