As we are globally celebrating the international teachers’ day, we stopped to think how we approach learning and education within our organisation and for the projects we are creating.

And there are a couple of thoughts, in a nutshell:
šŸ¤ we believe in mentors as the learning process is a co-creation between the professional and the mentee
šŸ¤© our learning communities are populated by explorers, not students as learning is more of a curiosity endeavour
šŸ† we support (and champion) extraordinary education and learning initiatives; in some of them we took a very active role: leading the digital education group within #onevoiceforeducation O Voce pentru Educație
šŸ„‡ Generation Tech (Generația Tech) is a powerful example of our commitment to education and one of our most impactful learning platforms, up-skilling the new generation in many middle and small urban areas along Romania. Our team has reached various regions and built them into digital (and offline) learning communities: Bucharest, Pitești, Alba, Oradea, Brașov, Focșani, Piatra Neamț, Iași and so on. GT as we kindly call it is in its 4th year, cumulating no less than 1.700 new IT and digital marketing specialists in more than 20 cities.