Vibes Fest 2022

You had to be there to feel it! But for those who did not join us yesterday at Vibes Community Fest, there it is. One day and one evening, lots of great vibes, chill, fun, music, creative activities and vibrant communities. A few glimpses for the eyes, for the heart and for the future editions of this extraordinary community gathering. We couldn’t gather all the great moments and experiences in a couple of minutes, that’s why we hope this edition is the 1st from a longer row.

Digital Nation – proud partner and supporter Vibes Community Fest, 1st edition. Until the next one, keep the vibes up and build strong, future-oriented communities! See you in 2023! Thanking the organisers from Agentia Metropolitana Brasov for including us and all the partners who made it possible for us and Generația Tech. We salute all volunteers and the fest team for making this event a memorable one.

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