See you in 2023!

2022 was a busy, yet fruitful year for our organisation and extended team. We made sure each of our endeavours grew its horizons and tested the waters with several other ideas and collabs. As we are closing this year, we got to remember some of the milestones that will be another layer of (digital) bricks […]

Step up your #FOW game with Work Retreat in 2023

Accelerated reconnection, productivity and creativity to all companies ready for change. Companies are choosing us, the only working and living 100% Romanian solution. Since 2 years ago, tens of teams have already chosen us: co-working hubs, premium accommodation, creative and recreative activities. Now we are here to share with you our visual story in the […]

Work Retreat 1st brochure on #FOW

The future of work vocabulary series is now a part 1 brochure, easy to download and have it on your phone or laptop. With the development of new technologies and behavioural shifts, so is the language evolving with new words and phrases to populate our #FOW conversations. So here it is #WorkRetreat #FOWlanguage #Intelligence #FutureOfWork

In the media: Paul Apostol at TVR2

A couple of weeks ago our founder Paul Apostol was invited to TVR 2 for a conversation on digital transformation and the current context that facilitates this collective shift. Technology is the most effective strategy to give us the competitive edge or just uplift us to the top of any industry. Now we’re sharing the […]

In the media: Work Retreat team @HR Talk

Our Work Retreat team joined a live conversation with 4CAREER within HR Talk. We shared the latest developments on Work Retreat and how we envision the future of work together with partners, companies and location-independent professionals. Watch it here. Thanking the organisers for facilitating this. If you are eager to connect to our team, find […]