In the media: digital literacy annual report by Brio and UIPath Foundation

Today we joined the wonderful and UiPath Foundation teams in a meaningful conversation on digital literacy and the opportunities nowadays pupils and students have for gaining employability skills (of the future). We were represented in this endeavour by founder Digital Nation Paul Apostol. Among the ideas highlighted by us in the panel: ✅ During our experience with Profesori […]

The fast pace of cities

We are connected to the pace of the city. As urban centres of growth and expansion, the environments we co-exist in shapes the The Pace of Life Project is an interesting enquiry into measuring speed of life, conducted by Prof Richard Wiseman in collaboration with the British Council. The experiment was conducted by researchers who […]

Beyond ChatGPT, into the AI world

We are digital optimists by design. We develop and use platforms in our daily endeavours to digitize society, in areas we are active.As new technologies soar, more than ever, education and accurate information is needed to ponder this exponential tech era we are stepping in: the TECHAGE. Today, we were inspired by this interview (and […]