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Mix & match between implementation skills and investment capabilities

Once you’ve joined the community and graduated from one of our learning programs, you become eligible to enroll in Digital Incubator, our division where members develop digital startups or collaborate on specific projects with Digital Nation’s partner companies. Digital Incubator refines your implementation abilities and gets you up and close with today’s business reality.

Synchronisation with other teams

You broaden your professional network and interact with new specializations and professionals.

Sequencing in your development process

You learn firsthand what a project’s flow is like and the proper order in which product decisions are made.

Re-work, revisions and updates to your original work

With incoming feedback from clients or product owners, you’ll learn how to optimize your original ideas and implementations.

The pressure of a deadline

In this stage you’ll be working with real deadlines and you’ll be performing sprints according to the project’s and the client’s coordinates.

Managing client expectations

You learn how to manage interactions with different categories of project stakeholders and you practice setting expectations among decision makers.

The slow initial market traction

This is the ultimate test for all the knowledge you’ve acquired so far. Your challenge is that of working directly in the market’s rhythm, uncovering in the process the less welcoming, but 100% real, sides of the industry.

Enroll your startup in Digital Nation

We’re upgrading Romanian entrepreneurship to the next level

After graduating one of the community’s learning programs you may enroll in our startup division, Digital Incubator, either by joining one the existing projects or by setting up a new business venture. Digital Incubator facilitates the opportunity to refine your know-how and to apply your vision to real market projects. Together with your startup team and with the mentors you will gradually pass through each stage of a new market launch.

First thing’s first, know that you will be researching. Researching quite a lot. Perhaps one of the most important stages in starting a new business is that of gaining as much understanding on the market and its particularities as possible – seasonal trends and fluctuations, past year trends and statistics, you will be reviewing all of this data.

You will also be sketching the target client’s profile, in an attempt to best understand his/her usage motivations and barriers.

This is also the stage where you will be interacting with industry leaders, participating at events and overall setting up the premises for a successful startup.

Next you will be focusing on the problems your product or service plans to resolve for mankind. Understanding the market’s needs and the public’s desires has evolved greatly in recent years, with the digital boom facilitating completely new business models, that we wouldn’t even have been dreaming about 10 years ago.

This is when you start applying all your understanding on the target market towards building your startup’s offering. Ride-sharing, shared hospitality, niche marketplaces are just some of the new business models that you yourself could be exploring within Digital Incubator.

After you’ve fully understood the market you’re ready to plan out your market strategy. You’ll start by defining an USP, your product or service’s unique selling proposition, after which you will be elaborating your business approach, describing the whole market process. In the end, you’ll be considering your differentiating elements and how these can help you break the market clutter.

Since you will not be launching your startup in a void, your next step involves studying the competition and the different players who are also trying to grab a slice of your market. This is the moment when you’ll be looking at each different player’s competitive advantage.

In order to account for the unpredictable as much as possible, it’s mandatory to map out your startup’s first year from the get go. This is when you sketch out your business’ journey for the first 12 months and when you decide on forecast dates for deliverables.

Here you will be defined all roles needed for your startup’s development and launch. You will be drafting the abilities and competencies needed for each role, sketching profiles of the specialists needed within your startup.

After you’ve set up your team, you will be interested in establishing and negotiating partnerships for your new business. On the hand, you will be looking for investors, companies and institutions that are interested in financing your idea. On the other hand, you will be discussing new distribution partnerships. Last but not least, you will also be focusing on the startup’s promotion strategy, in terms of image vectors, influencers and proper media collaborations.

A successful startup Always accounts for financial forecasts for its first years of activity. You will need to decide how your offering is priced and what your payment models include. You’ll be learning how to forecast for EBITDA fluctuations and how to turn the first year’s negative EBITDA into a positive index.

Experience in building startups and growing businesses

For the past 5 years our team in Bucharest has been working on 20 different prototypes, experimenting with bleeding edge technologies and developing MVPs with different areas of application.

Mobile application for voting and interacting with the audience of a radio show (including a mobile player)

Mobile task management app, with functions to set up workflow and priority tasks

Mobile app for link-sharing and bookmark management.

Mobile virtual assistant for learning.

Cashflow app for SMBs, with import functions from SAGA.

Identity and traceability certificate system, built on top of blockchain

License plate recognition software built on top of neural networks

Itelligence healthcare system, with in-built functions to learn diagnostics

Digital Nation support for your startup’s success

Once you’ve joined Digital Incubator, you’ll receive guidance and implementation help in all stages of the project. During weekly meetings and rushes, set up either online or offline, you receive:

Our industries of focus in 2018 - 2019

For the current educational cycle, we’re actively working towards developing ideas in the following fields:

Smart cities și urbanism

Intelligent agriculture


Inteligență artificială și rețele neuronale

Programare blockchain

Big data


Automatizare de procese

Internet of Things

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