Hello reader

Whoever and wherever you might be, I am grateful you want to discover more about us and our organization during one of the most important acceleration moments. I must admit this is the first open message of this kind that I write/publish and I am embodying this with a lot of responsibility to correctly represent the entire work of our team. 

Though we are called Digital Nation, our mission is most of all, related to an ideal/vision, not to a particular technology. What technology did was to firmly accentuate the steps we took over time. Without its creation and development, our evolution could not have been possible at such an accelerated pace. But we must always understand what lies beneath our motivations: the profound connection with the Universe, nature, the Planet. We can extract from there what makes us unique as a species and most of all, what abilitates us to create new worlds: metaverses, cyborgs, alternative realities generated by tech. And on this road we now can foresee but not clearly, tech must be integrated in an ethical and responsible manner in our lives. Our balance is so fragile sometimes that this mix between nature and technology must be encouraged to evolve naturally. 

Our start and identity are profoundly intertwined with Romania. This is where we were born and got our education, we are proud that we can contribute to the creation of a better world at home. We got on this road knowing what we were facing and the storms we were about to overcome. Romania is a country with low level and untrained digital skills, with an overall semnificative resistance to everything that is new, rare funding possibilities and profoundly traditional mentalities. Just as many around us, we too believed it was time for a great change. The new generations show us and inspire this in ourselves daily, the European digital reforms force us to keep the pace and we need to find the quickest ways to adapt our thinking to the global tech realities, that only drive us forward. Our country has a unique/once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent itself in the new world: vibrant creative industries, spectacular (sometimes unique in Europe) nature, low prices compared with the quality of products and services. 

All industries and specialties will consistently evolve towards the digital world. AI will be directioned towards helping us resolve problems implying analyzing an increased volume of data and towards reducing the inequalities between fields, physical, demographic and psychographic areas. Nevertheless, we are still far from creating new entities that combine the 2 DNAs: human and artificial. 

We see education as a priority when it comes to digital reform. New tech and models of education/learning come to surface together with new niched/specialized communities: VR, AR, edugaming. 

The future of entrepreneurship will set sail towards value over profit, with the same agility and increased adaptability to surrounding dynamics. We foresee/predict that the entrepreneurs of the new economy will be as competitive as corporate structures, maybe even more competitive in innovation and sprint power/agility. 

The era of employees is being reinvented slowly to make room for new, much more flexible phenomena and formulae: freelancing, collaborators or project based teams. These kinds of shifts change the dynamics of the entire market and help companies and organizations to reduce their costs, risks, working with more versatile professionals. The seeds for the future of work are already planted: flexibility, location free office, team and experience diversity, optimizing the time spent at the office and productivity measure in real time, a less fragile balance between work and relaxation. And this is how the currently developing urban areas become alternatives to the crowded ones. 

As per usual, the last part is dedicated to the team making this organization a tangible, real, measurable dream. Here, we are closing with the team because everything is as a closing cercle. The end is actually the beginning. The start of this organization, the inception of every phase of its evolution, etc. Meeting all our colleagues and having incredible connections throughout these past 9 years, helped us overcome any obstacle and remain original, performance driven and optimistic. As per the team, what united made us stronger, what differentiated us made us more competitive in an ever changing, tech world. And this kind of reality is indestructible and undeniable. My greatest contempt is that we remained together, functioning as a powerful, dynamic entity, with an authentic culture, that I wish to celebrate as often as possible.

After 9 years of intense activity, we are imagining the next 9 as new steps we will take towards greater maturity. Everything we achieved locally we want to reinforce as case studies and inspiration/transformation roadmap for the countries in CEE, for various fields: modern education, entrepreneurial excellency. Our innovation and business value has a tangible potential to become representative in the region. I hope we become the change we all need. 


We are Digital Optimists. We are Digital Nation.