Take a seat at our table.

Your experience is needed. Together we can rewrite and upgrade our country’s development track.

Partener Digital Nation

Digital Nation is on track to reshape the Romanian entrepreneurial scene. Our mission will be that much easier and our efforts will be that much more efficient alongside competent, driven partners.

Benefits for partners

Digital Nation is recruiting allies who want to take on the lofty objective of digitizing Romania. Apart from the satisfaction of being able to contribute to your country’s wellbeing, Digital Nation partners have access to specific community benefits.

Access to our Digital Competences Lab.

Join research projects within the community and take part in DN stakeholder meetings, with voting rights in terms of curricula and program direction.

Company challenges solved within the community.

Partners can resort to the Digital Nation community in finding solutions and ideas for specific tech or business challenges that they are facing.

Potential candidates for the company from Digital Nation.

When recruiting remote or on premise positions, partner companies can pitch the ideas to interested community members, whose credentials, knowledge and role-fit can be attested by mentors.

Presentations within the community.

All partners have the option to hold technical presentations within the community, in testing and validating ideas and directions.

Participate alongside Digital Nation in regional or national events.

For image and brand gains, partner company representatives can join the Digital Nation crew on stage for presentation at fairs or events.

Our partners

Digital Nation is presently laying out its initial strategic direction. We have started negotiations with key national and international strategic partners, focusing on major institutions and organizations acting in the fields of Education, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Get in touch

If you resonate with our mission, contact us to get more insights on Digital Nation and to discuss possible partnership directions.