Our mission starts with us. All of us.

We are upgrading our country’s tech potential through training today’s leaders and specialists in digital fields and entrepreneurship.

We like thinking. We like doing.

Digital Nation is a forerunner in the field of performance education, the team behind the acclaimed DevAcademy project. With over 5 years experience training young minds in tech fields, the project is expanding nationally in 2018, switching to a fully digital approach. Our mission is to create sustainable growth nationwide, through performance education and next-level strategic entrepreneurship.

410 graduates

Alums who have successfully completed one of our learning tracks.

651 specialists

Who have designed and built our growth environment.

94 experts

Training participants and helping them apply knowledge.

39,620 hours

Invested in learning sessions and group-work training.

198,100 hours

Put into individual study and coding.

230 technologies

Used and tested during our community’s dev hours.

*Figures recorded between 2013-2018 for DevAcademy’s learning tracks in Bucharest.

“Our mission honors and humbles us. We welcome the opportunity to do our part in transforming the country we were born in, upgrading it to an intelligent phenomenon with in-built, self-sustainable, evolution. Not driven by some ill-placed patriotism, but out of an urge to brave the challenge of staying, of not fleeing, of innovating right here, at home. Instead of trading our country for a different one, we thought we’d team up and transform the one we’ve got.”
Paul Apostol
Digital Nation founder