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Proficiency in security systems, network modelling, vulnerability detection and intervention. Program curricula: coming soon.

Advanced Entrepreneurship

Advanced applied program in digital business development and entrepreneurship. Program curricula: coming soon.

Backend Programming

Specialization in data access layers, automatic frameworks, scripting, database administration and scalability. Program curricula: coming soon.

Front End Programming

Specialization in web languages and libraries, frameworks, web performance and build automation. Program curricula: coming soon.

Mobile Programming iOS

Advanced training in app development for iOS SDK, including Objective-C and Swift programming. Program curricula: coming soon.

Mobile Programming Android

Advanced training in Android app development, with focus on Java and Android Studio. Program curricula: coming soon.

User Experience & Graphic Design

Specialization in wireframe and digital design. Program curricula: coming soon.

Advanced Social Media Marketing

Proficiency in social media promotion, content curation and community engagement. Program curricula: coming soon.


Configuration of multi-user, multi-server systems, performance tuning and environment creation and upkeep. Program curricula: coming soon.

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Learning programs coordinates

Digital Nation learning tracks are open to all citizens of Romania or Moldova. Age is not a criterion for applicants – in general, most of our trainees are aged between 18 and 45, with exceptions on both ends of the interval. Basic knowledge of English language is preferred, as some of the course materials to read are in English.

In order to follow a course, you’ll need to apply online and go through 4 online selection stages. If successfully completed, then you’re in!

The choice is yours in terms of what to study, but we do advise taking into account these aspects:

  1. Choose a subject matter that you like, one that is a passion of yours, one that you can see yourself professing in the near future.
  2. Make sure you check all minimum technical (and language) requirements necessary for the program you’re applying to.
  3. Make sure you have the time availability and energy to see the program through, in order to get the most out of this learning stage.

All learning tracks will start in November 2018 and each will span 12 full months. Be sure to subscribe to our email alerts so that you find out first when registrations commence.

Our learning programs do not have a price per se. The only cost is a symbolic annual membership fee of 100 EUR, valid for all community members.

As in all development projects, your discipline will be the hardest aspect to manage. Setting a learning pace for yourself, being serious about your attendance record, taking direct accountability for your personal progress, these are some of the most challenging hurdles you’ll encounter (you won’t do it alone, though, we’ve got your back here all the way).

To put it directly, yes. Given the importance of discipline and motivation in this intensive learning setup, you will undergo several periodic evaluations of your technical progress and mindset. Unless you meet a specific minimum threshold (easy to score, trust us) during these evaluations, you will be excluded from the program. Membership fees are non-refundable in these cases.

Beyond weekly online classes, community members can take part in regional meeting with their colleagues, local rush sessions (for members who want to make quick progress in a physical location in town), bootcamps for all members at seasonal resorts and whole community meetups.

The average time spent studying each week, including online classes and individual study, is around 6 hours per participant.

Each member will commit to certain hourly intervals that they will allot to studying. Since the learning platform is open 24/7, exceptions from this can be made. Keep in mind, however, that the scope of this schedule commitment is that of giving you momentum, continuity and of reducing the risk that you will abandon your progress.

Tempted to enroll in a Digital Nation learning track?

Leave us your contact details and we will let you know when registrations begin, coming soon in Fall 2018.