It’s a brand new year and we are expanding our marketing and communication team. As digital optimists, we are always in search for great talent to support our mission forward.

The Communication Specialist will be part of the marcom department and will directly collaborate with the marcom manager. The role is mainly responsible for media relations and building strategic partnerships with key media, influencers, and relevant communities for the communication plans we design as a team. The Communication Specialist role is a mid-level one. We will be working remotely, but we will also meet in person throughout the year. 
The core responsibilities will include:
  • Co-create, implement and be responsible for the media relations strategies, performing a variety of tasks along the way for Digital Nation and its products/platforms; 
  • Cultivate authentic and positive rapports with reporters and editors, as well as key influencers and opinion leaders, stakeholders, on a local, national and international level; 
  • Create and distribute PR collaterals such as press releases, press interviews guidelines, talking points, key messages, social media/blog posts, visual communication narratives;
  • Address media inquiries in collaboration with the Marcom Manager; 
  • Implement press events according to the briefing from the marcom manager; 
  • Monitor competition and its media coverage; come up with ideas to counteract when possible; 
  • Draft monthly coverage media reports (or post-campaign PR reports), including how the organization is perceived; use tangible key indicators and work with objectives; 
  • Identifying areas in which PR and media relations can supplement marketing and brand communication efforts; 
  • Creative ideas for special content projects in media and with various stakeholders; 
  • Great research skills; 
  • Experience in crisis communication; 
  • Experience with media training: creation and delivery;
  • Experience in tech or digital media or for relevant clients in communication companies. 
Main Skills we think the role requires:
  • Excellent verbal and written communica­tion skills
  • Excellent knowledge of both Romanian and English languages
  • Able to use communication platforms and tools (canva, mailchimp, wordpress, etc) 
  • BA or MA in journalism, communication or advertising, but definitely not a must
  • Passion for digital, tech and education
  • Creative 🙂 
  • Flexibility and ability to navigate across the industries that Digital Nation and its products/platforms address
  • Ability to understand how to tackle in a positive manner various media outlets and journalists
  • Project Management skills 
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Quick decision making, solution oriented 
  • Positive and driven, autonomous and dedicated

Sounds interesting? Join us for a discussion:

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