“We started this week on a high note. It was really an inspiration to be in Brussels alongside technology leaders, policy makers and non profit organisations. We discussed the SMB situation at the European level, especially after the impact of the global pandemic. Our hope at Digital Nation is to create a European task force that supports recovery and stimulates accelerated growth across markets, while preparing small & medium businesses for the future with digital skills and the proper technology at hand.” These and more to come in the following days from Paul Apostol, Founder Digital Nation.

Since 2013, Digital Nation is on a mission to build sustainable national training programs that support digital education, IT&C up-skilling, and digital transformation. With more than 100.000 beneficiaries reached across all regions in Romania, we continuously innovate community models and stimulate engagement and progress.

From Surviving to Thriving – How Can Digital and Mentoring Boost Vulnerable SMBs in Europe? was the name of the panel on ways for SMBs to bounce back from the pandemic. The session included interventions from Matt Brittin, President of Google Europe, Middle East and Africa. EU policy experts, tech and non profit leaders joined the event.

We also have photo glimpses from the introductory panel to share with you. Our thanks go to our partner Google Org for making these #SMEweek 2021 and #SkillsWeek reality.

The full conversation is here.

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