The past 2 years have been a leapfrog of 5 to 7 years in the digital revolution and Digital Nation was here to capitalize on this opportunity. A couple of months ago we were selected by Google Org among the few companies to join their grants program for CEE: Impact Challenge 2021. Now we are taking a new step towards global impact as we are invited to present our activity during one of the most important events organized by Google. We will be part of the opening panel to #SkillsWeek, destined to companies working with SMBs in need of collaboration, scaling and systemic growth. Paul Apostol, Founder Digital Nation, will join an array of well-known tech and business leaders on Monday, November 15th during the introductive panel: From Surviving to Thriving – How Can Digital and Mentoring Boost Vulnerable SMBs in Europe? The event is moderated by nobody else than Matt Brittin, President of Google Europe, Middle East and Africa. The full event schedule is clickable below. Stay tuned and connected, we’re here to report on this journey all the steps of the way.

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